This journal is about the life of Katalin Koda, founder of the rubybleu foundation. It includes new information regarding the foundation and the work she is doing in South India.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kali Ma . New Moon Ritual

Rubybleu House ... Varkala

New Moon, New Days

I celebrated the new moon with four other women last night, a time of turning within under a moonless sky. We honored the dark goddess Kali, the goddess of destruction. Fierce and bloodthirsty she dances the dance of mayhem and death, striking fear into the hearts of mortals. Yet, those who honor her and her ancient wisdom know that with endings comes rebirth, that life always follows death. Her devotees do not suffer her wrath but instead become like children to her and receive any wishes one asks for.

We honored the moon’s dark beauty by cleansing our feet with sea water, rose water and lavender oil, symbolically washing away the dark grime of doubt and fear. We burned our negative thoughts and obstacles and reclaimed our own beauty as women on this Earth in a world that is still so weighed down by the imbalance of patriarchy. Sending love to ourselves, to honor our sacred voice within, we put our wishes into seeds of the blue clitoris vine and red flame flower so that our bright intentions may manifest. The women I shared this night with are from all over the globe choosing to make their home here in Varkala. Far from the land we might call home, we are in a place that honors the goddess, yet abuses the feminine which empowers me to further my work as woman, as priestess, as mother, as founder of the rubybleu foundation.

With my seeds I am intending a season of joy, of creative connection with all different kinds of people, a season of dance and celebration and abundance. The Rubybleu House is coming together, gearing up for another season of travelers and students, learning and sharing. After being trashed by uncaring cement workers, the garden is recovering and reclaiming its harmonious glow that sends surreal waves of peace across any who take a moment to walk its tiny, curvy paths and listen to the world of green laughter. Yoko is participating whole heartedly in the garden’s growth, digging up soil with her Papa, taking her first cautious steps toward the plants and splashing frenetically in the fish pond.

The rubybleu foundation will be working on different projects this coming season as well. We are planning to help with a school for mentally challenged children and would like to reconnect with the women’s self-help groups from last year. I am starting up the art class again and hope to encourage more children to join in. We will be continuing our work with painting and crafts and adding new projects like jewelry making.

Leon and I are excited to be hosting people from the States who want to get involved with the women and children of India. One project idea uses digital cameras as a way to enable Indian women use of modern technology for employment as well as a creative voice. Others have strong interest in creative arts and want to use their talents to provide children a chance to express themselves through art, dance and yoga.

After a long, restful time with my mom and Yoko this summer in the States, I am ready to embrace the coming season with many ideas and creative energy. Being with Yoko, watching her gift each person that comes into her life with a smile of pure radiance, lifting her arms to the sky in such wondrous joy, I am in awe of this tiny being who came from me and is able to teach me so much. I am learning to share more of myself with others, to open my heart even further and to speak my truth with more confidence than ever before. I hope to see lots of you this season!

Much love to you all!
Katalin Koda

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