This journal is about the life of Katalin Koda, founder of the rubybleu foundation. It includes new information regarding the foundation and the work she is doing in South India.


Thursday, November 23, 2006


The season has begun in our lovely little village of Varkala. We are still waiting for the rains to stop though, as the monsoons have been pushed back a few weeks, which is good for the farmers, bad for the beach. Still, the air is swirling and whirling with some kind of magic as new, creative people join our small village adding bright ideas, color and change.

Yoko is now two and fast becoming a little girl. She had an excellent birthday party with friends and babies and games and two piñatas. We had a cake and a candle and billions of mutai (Malayalam for candy). She is really growing up in a wonderful world with the nature all around, international friends and her own little private garden fairyland.

Rubybleu Foundation has two new web pages up including the information about the last fundraiser in Oakland and my gratitude to all involved.

We are excited to announce that we gave one full year scholarship for college to a poor but extremely bright girl from a poverty stricken fishing village near Trivandrum. Her story can be found at

We are also working to raise money to support her second year, a cost of only $250 USD. Other students also need scholarships. These are smart, bright children who have a desire to help their village grow into modern times, as fishing traditions wane. I feel very excited about giving scholarships to these young people of Bimapalli and would encourage you to contribute in your own way. These children have the emotional support and need such little financial effort to continue their schooling. The tuition center is also in dire need of library books, resource materials and computers so donations will be used for this as well.

We are also looking for more ways in which Westerns can volunteer here in India. We have a great connection with the fishing village and several young women work there who would like to learn more English and handicrafts. If anyone has any wish to volunteer for one to three months, please contact us and we can set up a program for you.

As Rubybleu’s birth—death anniversary approaches, Leon and I are looking to ways to help the Foundation grow. We, like most small non-profits, struggle with fundraising and are working on ideas that will help to bring in more money from this side of the world. We are also finding that as Yoko grows, as Rubybleu House grows, so does our busy life and we work to balance all of our projects in a meaningful and effective way.

In the meantime, I’ve finished Slade, finally! I printed out a few copies for reading, sent it off to publishers and am looking to do some small self-publishing as well. I am also now writing for an online zine called http://www.matadortravel.com/ This site will be up for public viewing in the next month. And I’m learning guitar, which is great fun. I can play a few songs, and am trying to do my best interpretation of a female Bob Dylan. We look forward to my mom, sister and her boyfriend for a visit and all kinds of friends and travelers on the Magical Mystery Tour.

Love to all and peace from swirly-whirly India,

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