This journal is about the life of Katalin Koda, founder of the rubybleu foundation. It includes new information regarding the foundation and the work she is doing in South India.


Monday, November 03, 2008

blue mango tree 

i sit under the blue mango tree

indigo night sparkles with children’s laughter

quoting dylan red wine breath the morning after

i remember how he sang to me,

‘to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free’

it’s a poem, this moment

this moon glow on it’s way, waning.

it’s a poem, this breath, diamond sent

power seeping earth, mixing heaven scent.

a crystal glance suspended, hanging,

twanging and changing

this poem, this moment

undone, unbroken, unspent

i sit under this blue mango tree

india’s red roots growing deep into rock

as the ladies drink chai, and sing their day’s talk

legs draped over cool cement, casually

baby swings high, screaming sublime glee

i sit under this blue mango tree

electricity’s gone, the dark soft falling ‘round

the moment hangs like the cluster mango i found

shy woman’s brown eyes flashing asunder

calling the faint clouded thunder


Perrhaps your mail is connecting with this blog. I hope...
I'm french and come alone in India during the two next weeks.
I would reserve a room in your hôtel the Ruby bleu for the 14/04 and the 15/04.

Thank you very much,
my adresse is agathe.favray@gmail.com

I believe that at some time in the past you have known about or been involved with a charity in north india where an ayurvedic doctor goes to or helps poorer women, she also accepts volunteers to help her. I heard the story from Sarah Spiral. If you can tell me more please email me. thanks and blessings. annablackwood@gmail.com
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